Forsíða - English, Hellar In Landsveit and Icelands biggest man made cave - Explore Hellnahellir

Explore Hellnahellir

Hellnahellir is open the whole year round to people who are interested in taking a look at it.

We kindly ask you however to contact us before you drop by so that somone can be there to offer you guidance through the cave. Enering the cave without a guide from Hellar-farm is strictly forbidden.


For furhter information please contact :

Jóhanna Hlöðversdóttir
Tel: + 354 847 5015







This is how you get there from Reykjavík. You can click on the picture to view a larger map.

Hellar in Landsveit, Rangárvallasýslu, 851 Hella, tel: +354 487 6583